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I started acupuncture with Bob in the summer of 2010 for a stress-fracture. After seeing the results of reduced pain (almost instantly post-treatment) and faster healing for a concrete injury, I continued coming to him for anxiety and overall wellness treatments. I am extremely pleased with the benefits of acupuncture on my emotional and physical well being, and trust Bob completely with patient confidentiality and course of treatment. I highly recommend his practice and calm demeanor to anyone considering acupuncture.
Thanks to Bob and his expertise with acupuncture, I feel more in control of my emotions and overall health. I have MS and the anxiety that I have felt as a side effect, in addition to flare-ups of the disease, have subsided considerably after my visits. Great care and attention seem to be Bob’s forte, along with his incredible knowledge and warmth. Every time I leave his office I am energized, balanced and at peace. Thanks, Bob!
Acupuncture is a great way to pro actively treat a wide variety of ailments. Bob is extremely knowledgeable about Chinese medicine. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his patients get the most out of his sessions. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve the overall quality and well being of their life.
Bob has the perfect blend of eastern and traditional. His true understanding of the acupuncture science is evident with how I feel every time I leave his treatment. I’ve researched the acupuncture market and his price is very competitive , especially when he combines his treatment with “tuning”. I highly recommend his professional service.
Bob has been amazing at helping me manage my muscle pains! I would highly recommend him to anyone willing to try acupuncture.
I would give Coastal Acupuncture and Bob Stanford more than five stars if Google allowed it. Bob is caring, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to see each week. He’s my Go To Zen dude! Bob’s alleviated pain that Western medicine barely dented and constantly tweaks the care he provides. He’s knowledgeable about both Western and Eastern medicine and melds the two. He switched me from a very expensive NSAID with worrisome side effects to amazingly affordable and effective herbal remedies with NO side effects.
I tried acupuncture for the first time 3 years ago after experiencing consistent headaches. Bob was great to sit down and talk with me about the history of acupuncture and how it could help.

Not only did my headaches go away, but I began sleeping better than I had in years! I travel frequently with my job, and being on planes often resulted in many wintertime colds. Since getting acupuncture, I have been healthier than I can ever remember. It is the most relaxing experience that I always look forward to. Bob is hands down the best, and I can’t thank him enough for changing my life!

Before seeing Bob I had chronic migraines. I took 120 mg of Propanolol daily, and a combination of Naratriptan and Naproxen Sodium at the onset of a headache. I tried to get my neurologist to lessen my dose to wean me off of the meds, but after going off of them I had a headache for 4 straight days. I went back on the medication and signed up to see an acupuncturist. I was desperate and would do anything to get off of my medication, because my husband and I wanted to start a family. I stopped taking my medication 2 days prior to seeing Bob. I saw Bob for the first time in July and I haven’t had a migraine since. I think it’s safe to say I am a believer. Bob has great bedside manner and he will make you feel like your health is his #1 concern. I highly recommend him.
I have been going to Bob for acupuncture for more than 3 years, primarily for arthritis pain, which the treatments relieve. In addition, during knee replacement surgery I had 7 years ago, some nerve damage was done that resulted in my left foot being numb, with burning and shooting pains. All of the conventional treatments over the 2-3 years after that had no result. Bob did acupuncture with electrical stimulation, and about half of the normal sensation has returned to that foot, and the pain has decreased. Bob’s experience with Western medicine as a nurse-anesthetist, plus his training in Chinese medicine gives him a broad perspective on health. I am confident that he knows what he is doing. He is very personable, and always listens carefully and responds to your concerns. I have recommended him to friends, who have also been pleased.
I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. Bob suggest that it would take 5 visits or more before I should decide on whether this form of treatment was good for me. After the first treatment the jury was still out but I loved Bob’s commitment to my wellness. I agreed to give it a try for his suggested course. By treatment 2 I noticed a difference. Treatment 3 was the real breakthrough. My symptoms were diminished and almost gone. Now I am a true believer. If you want results with a compassionate, caring practitioner, go see the best in the business Bob at Coastal Acupuncture.
I had a great experience with Bob at Coastal Acupuncture. Bob was very easy to work with, calming, and experienced. The sessions were always relaxing. Acupuncture significantly helped me with some serious back pain I was having. I do not hesitate to recommend Bob to others.
This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. Being a 21 year old who has been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and recent head pains, acupuncture is helping me rid of my anxiety and achieve an overall better state of mental health. Bob is so caring and understanding, and I know that he truly cares about the needs of his patients. I have been telling everyone how much these treatments have helped me so far, and highly recommend seeing Bob for acupuncture treatments.
After starting acupuncture treatments in 2010 for a small fracture I had almost immediate results. Not only did I feel pain relief but also experienced a much quicker healing period than the Dr. told me. I have since continued to be a firm believer in acupuncture and its healing benefits and have continued to see Bob ever since. My overall health and well being has been greatly enhanced since discovering Bob’s practice and highly recommend his services. Thank you Bob!
Bob has been my primary care giver for over 2 years! He is the most thoughtful and gentle doctor I have ever had ! He knows how a persons physical , emotional and spiritual body must be in balance to remain strong and healthy and he knows how to adjust any imbalances through the use of his needles! Everyone should see for themselves how painless and helpful acupuncture is in the hands of a master in Chinese medicine like Bob is ! I personally would not be alive today if it weren’t for him.
Thanks to Bob and his expertise with acupuncture, I feel more in control of my emotions and overall health. I have MS and the anxiety that I have felt as a side effect, in addition to flare-ups of the disease, have subsided considerably after my visits. Great care and attention seem to be Bob’s forte, along with his incredible knowledge and warmth. Every time I leave his office I am energized, balanced and at peace. Thanks, Bob!
Bob is, by far, the best person to receive acupuncture treatments from! He’s helped change my overall health as well as improved my husband and mom’s lives (in all areas-not just physical!). If you’re looking for someone who will guide you through the process and take a strong interest in your specific goals, schedule an appointment with Bob. You will be in great hands!
Robert Stanford is in a league of his own among other professionals in the field of acupuncture!
I initially visited Coastal Acupuncture without an agenda to improve any specific physical or mental condition. I was curious and hopeful to witness the positive effects (according to a regular patient of Bob’s) that acupuncture precipitates. I have now been a patient of Bob’s for over a year, and he has considerably increased the quality of my overall health. I have been treated for various issues and have seen improvements in my circulation and digestion as well as reduced levels of anxiety. I have also experienced relief from physical discomfort (to put it mildly, in some cases) in my feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and shoulders. Bob often doubles as a psychologist for me, as he not only empathizes and discusses my emotional struggles but also relishes in the joys of my life. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and creative with his approach and will suggest other ways that I can support the treatments whether its recommending or lending me literature or encouraging homeopathic remedies to better integrate my system overall. I highly recommend Robert Stanford, not only as an excellent acupuncturist but also as an amazing person, to anyone and everyone!
Acupuncture really works!
In 2011, I was afflicted with an infectious disease following a tick bite. The doctors prescribed an antibiotic that caused a rotator cuff tendon to explode in my left shoulder. My family doctor referred me to an orthopedist who confirmed rotator cuff tendonitis, gave me a steroid shot, and prescribed exercise therapy. The injection helped for pain for a few days, but did nothing to help the healing process. Next, I consulted my chiropractor. He did some manipulations of the cervical discs and we tried some cold laser therapy of the shoulder. That helped, but I still could not do the exercise therapy due to weakness in the shoulder. Frustrated with the traditional Western approach, I decided to try acupuncture. I consulted with Bob Stanford of Coastal Acupuncture. He explained that there were certain meridians that controlled the sub-scapular area, and recommended a series of five sessions. There was immediate improvement after the first session! By the third session, I had about 80% use of my left arm. That has gradually improved to around 90% and is still improving. I am absolutely amazed with the results. Bob accomplished what conventional medicine could not.
It all started with a gift certificate for Mother’s Day from my daughter and her fiance. I didn’t think of using it until I heard some women talking about helping hammer toes and bunions with acupuncture. They had good results from acupuncture for both problems. I remembered that I had a certificate for an hour treatment with a man whom my daughter and her fiance trusted and visited frequently; Robert Stanford. I went to see Bob for my foot pain……and then I knew I needed him for much more. He interviewed me and I started with the the hammer toe and bunion problem. The more we talked, I told him about my arthritis in my left knee, etc. and even discussed libido issues. From the first treatment, I could see an improvement in my foot and left knee pain. After he had me believing, I started thinking about all the other issues I was dealing with and realized this medicine could help every ailment. I had been diagnosed with essential tremors and it was beginning to hamper my lifestyle. Bob is now treating me for all of the above and I totally believe in this medicine. I see him once a week and my tennis game is great (focus and movement) and I feel better overall. If you would like to talk to me about my experience, ask Bob for my phone number and I will be happy to share my experience.